Micronesia 🌸

Transpacific 2016 Updatemicro

Dear friends and family,

As anticipated the last ten days have been quite a tough ride. Once we moved into Micronesia the scenery and experience so to say became a lot more intense. Tuvalu, Kiribati, Nauru and the Marshall Islands all share shortcomings people like us from the west take for granted. 

We had to deal with lacking infrastructure in general, power outages, fuel shortage, or even quite simply finding half way decent food or a warm shower which by the way did not happen for days and across several different island nations here. The sights certainly do not match with anything close to paradise. 

Yet for the eye most intriguing is the very simple life these people are leading and don't seem to miss anything that keeps them from being happy. We continue to meet very friendly people which are curious towards strangers and ready to help with anything they can offer. After all very few people go out of their way to visit these countries.

I was able to get more footage from some of these islands which I hope offer a closer look whether they are aerial shots (of what does appear to be perfect paradise), to happy and curious kids faces or just ordinary street life scenes. The links to the latest videos can be found below or of course as updates on the daily posts. So long …

  • Saturday afternoon in Tuvalu

  • Various footage from Kiribati

Rainer, Tom, Thomas and Albert