Approaching the ❤️ of the South Pacific

Transpacific 2016 Update

Dear friends and family,

Me again to share with you. After three great days on one of Fiji Yasawas Islands, we now have a four days - four country points streak ahead of us. Means getting up early, packing, getting "the Töffli" ready and fly it to the next island just to start all over again the next day. If you visit our site you'll see that there is still enough time to submerge with the land and the locals. Last but not least check out the videos shot over the last days which have not made on our YouTube channel due to slow internet. Stay with us!

New videos:

  • Jet Skiing fun on Vanuatu

  • Offroading on Vanuatu

  • Fiji Sunset beach views

  • Aerial views of Nacula Island in Fiji

Hope you continue to enjoy it as much as we do!

Rainer, Tom, Thomas and Albert